Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Not tittle over Here..Jus share wat i wan...

Halo to my blog,im bac=)
more thn a month or that i din came here for typing ady,
Jus felt that im EMO again so jus came here for typed something,
this few day i was watch a tv-program like finding a idol,
The program was like when the host just walk on the town thn they felt that,
ur suitable for their condition they will giv u a chance go for this program to perform what u can do...really is a good program.
But in the program they go for meet with Taiwan idol(Ethan Ruan阮经天)thn asking few question from him.what Ethan Ruan say I was still keep in mind.

Presenter:what is the way do you think can become successful?
Ethan Ruan阮经天 answer:The way for successful is not compare from each other how handsome you are,just be your self. start to thinking what is your different or special other people dont have.That is way to be successful.
when i was hear that,my brain start to move on ady go forward,turn left n turn right,
at the End_____bang at the tiang thn become(@.@)......

Honestly,i was agree what Ethan Ruan say...but commiserate is i din have this point.
I try to find what i different with other actually is dont have...
study talent,
sport talent,
singing talent,
dance talent,
game talent,
n alot of activity talent i also din have,i was weak.

I always hopefully,Got somethg different from me compare with other...
but my hope just disappear in my mind...
I really cant find the different criteria i have.
I was dissapointed myself,why im weak...How to b successful in my future..

Everytime i watch on TV o newpaper,
saw that many people are successful in their future,
i was very admire them,But i knw that,Successful also come from train from hard way,
but nobody saw that...
Why I will always Focus on this i also dont know---------

Just hope i bring the HOPE to my self...think too much also not use.

HAHA...recently i think alot...alot...Mayb din think the day cannot move on.

THE END...Gd9,wish you all successful in your future..
Merry Christmas n happy new year.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Im not a good son'

This Deepavali holiday im not so happy =(
Actually im not a good son...
Yesterday is my mom birthday,but i do not knw it n ady forget.
Only 2day i went to her room get some money n open the wallet n c the identity card,
i jus is too late for me.
I like so sad my mom birthday i aso get forget..not a good son.
Mom i jus wan to wish u happy birthday n sry about i forget your birthday.
n wish u healthy.=)
Dissapointed to Myself...

And yesterday i lying on my bed around 1hour still not yet slp.
cant slp at all..thn i think alot of sad things.
i like not a Man...yesterday i one side on my phone sad song n start to think,
think until tears weak.
i cry because one of my best fren from college gotta leave us and give up his study n he also is my roommate,i miss the moment we all joke,eat,play,slp,argue.
i just want to say ur my brother...thx u give us a good memory..i wish u success in your future.

I was at home few day ady,
im sad i didnt do wat im promise,
i promise myself i will use this holiday as a study week,
but i was break my promise..didnt do anythg at all..jus on9,slp,eat,out.
Y i become like that..brain ady slow compare wit other ppl still duwan work hard.
why why why..i really cant accept it....
when i will make the changes???

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Leadership Camp experience

halo,good nite everyone,
im here again,
just wanna to share about leadership camp,
nowadays i sick ady,but this sick is valueble to get,
because this sick is from u work-hard inside camp,don't care about sun,
that why will become sick..haha..
im very hapi after bac from tis camp,
many camp i went to b4,but the very nice one is tis time...
really is a sweet sweet part of my memory,i won't forget it.
Because i learn alot of things in the camp,the thg hard to do it,
but at last i try my best do well,meet whole college fren,
i feel great now everyone knw me,i know eveyone...
i receive alot of compliment,i really happy to hear it..
"nothing is impossible"tis word is true..
when tat day time for choosing leader,i really don't think i will get it,
in my mind is impossible they will choose me...
how knw they really choose me,i get from 17ppl for vote me get 2nd leader award..
i felt tat im so so so hapi,hapi until like wanna cry...
thx for u all who r vote me...thx alot^^
after tis i went back to college,i will do my best be better,be friedly,
n improve my english...i need to do it..i sure can do it.
many thg i will do after tis camp...+u..
tis few day after bac from camp slp not enough..n sick..feel so trouble.
n 2day go n watch 2movie at one day at taiping cinema,
feel so hapi,coz after i went to penang study never follow my father go out,
2day is a great day go watch cinema with my father..haha..thx u father..
mother go singapore trip tat y not follow us..haha..hope mother enjoy her trip^^

but nowaday in my mind got one thg really make me unhappy,
the thg best brother william gotta leaving ours college soon,
i felt unhapi..Whyyyy...tat day when i hear tis message my tear out from eye non-stop
i really sad to hear this...ur my roommate,u leaving i will feel boring,
breakfast,lunch,dinner we always eat 2gether,nw less u one more.
i really cant accept....Ours frenship still like hot cake foever,nw u gotta leaving us i really so sad.but decided ady do,we aso cant do anythg from your family..
anyway wish u gud luck...u always is my best brother.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This few day many things are happen from me,
now im inside hostel n alone,using william broadbrand,
coz he is not here,he ady went back to taiping,
but never inform me also,n sms to him,
he aso didnt reply...><...dunno Y...
myb is tat day,
tat day we went to penang,5nd road pasar malam,
thn he say he dunwan to drive car...
thn take the key to me n i drive...
when we having dinner at pasar malam,i drive bac...
i was drive tat time,they play at behind,
thn he was play with me..but i say to him,whn i was driving dun play..
but he was not listening to my warning,how know play until my nail hurt to my face,
my face was bleeding...tat time i was really HOT...
i didnt scold him also,but my face show tat i was angry..they all aso didnt play ady..sometime im not easy to get angry u know???1st semester until nw izzit saw me angry b4?tis is 1st time i angry...
but second day whn got class,thn i saw u havent wake up..i call u wake up..
thn i direct go take my breakfast ady..but u never infrom me u went bac to taiping..
all ppl call non-stop to your phone,but u didnt answer..make all ppl worry..
until 2day i sms u,u still havent reply me i wrong???

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Miss all of my Brother™®

Say ''HELLO'' to everyone...
when nothing to do,i will start to thinking of u...
THE u is...u n u n u...dun think too u=>My BLOG(:
Tis few day really tired...
because of play non-stop,
because of eat non-stop,
because of drink non-stop,
because of waste non-stop,
♂all is non-stop...
now my body also feel non-good ady,
almost wanna sick...siao liao..

In the past saturday n sunday i having a 2day1night penang trip,
with my best brother...
but i really enjoy tis trip,the unfortunately thing is one of my brother didn't go.
because 5 of us actually difficult to meet together,
because everyone also got themselves things to do...
In the Future,we dont know what thg will happen in anytime...
tat Y we r from small know each other to now,
i appreciate all of u...
but in the past few year we just thinking about Brother concept,a bit too late.
haha...when we all r 2gether we can play until crazy,
laugh non-stop,
talk whatever topic we want talk
dont care is►♥(inside heart)
♥◄(outside of heart)also say OUT until☺.

♠we help each other when are meet any problem.

i Hope OUr ۩ BROTHER CONCEPT۩ maintain until the end™ of the DAY©...
everyone one my bro +u in your future

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

tis few day...
my eye very tired,but dunno Y,
n everynite feel tat itch,
so when im at sleeping will always touch non-stop...
My eye........

everythings ady chg...
ntg i can do...
i jus can see...
i will giv up...
i tot u know,but actually you dunno...
if time can return,i hope ntg is happen to us.
when somethg is happen,i act like ntg n smiling...
but inside somethg,
anyway i hope u be hapi,enjoy your life.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Recently life....

Today is 15 August 2010,
weather status is hot like hell...
For a long time i didnt come here ady,
today suddenly got tat mood want to write blog,
tat why im here nw..haha
already 2week im at home,
becoz semester break...
2morrw is time for me to go back penang agen.
whn im at home sumtime really headache bcoz of
ntg to do,
jus eat,
on9,n noon also continue slp agen...luckily i gt go gym..if nt..really unhealthy.
tis semester break really feel tat depose haha..gotta grow mushroom ady..
forgive me for using broken english n broken grammar,tat is wat i know onli..
im using english not becos of nw tis i know some english n show off,
im using english is becos i hope i gt improvement all the time..
sometime im at penang,whn hear ppl speaking inside my heart really sad
coz i dunno wat they say,tat why i won't giv up i try to know it..try n try..
finally gt abit improvement ady ..tis aso nid to thx my fren..
when im saying wrong way o using wrongly grammar they teach me...
sometime they laugh me,but i did nt angry them coz whn ur listen ppl saying wrong sure u will laugh wat...haha..hapi 2gether..

share about fren:
for me fren r important,but all my college fren aso not bad..i lov all of my fren,
when u gt problem they rili help,hapi 2gether,play around 2gether...
when unhappy comfort each other..nice fren
jus wan to say to u all...thank for care me anytime..i lov u all..

share about love:
wat is love???izzit i gt the chance 2be wit u???
sometime really dunno wat i nid to do for my next step..
sometime i will thk,i thk too much..if can 2gether at last still will 2gether..
dunwan thk too much ady...everythg follow my luck is love...

.........bye bye..tat all i share...